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Kasey Passaic, Artist

Raised in San Diego, where sketchbooks took preference over coloring books.  Art has always been her escape, her release, and her passion.  She studied architecture and entered the corporate world.  Relocated to New Jersey and entered the restaurant world.

She is a primarily a self-taught artist who stared working with colored pencils, dabbled with acrylics but found her niche in oil painting. Her paintings are inspired by the vibrancy of nature, life’s experiences and the potential of a blank canvas.


She has found that every painting is an experiment, some more creative, some more energetic, and some more mysterious until last brushstroke.


National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society

American Artists Professional League, Elected Artist

Oil Painters of America

Surfrider Foundation


& Awards:

Oil Painters of America, Salon Show, 2021    "18th Hole"


National Oil Painters Society, Best of America Small Works Exhibition, 2021    "Good for One"

American Artists Professional League Spring Members Show, 2021    "Before the Burst"


Arts North International 26th Annual Exhibition, 2021    "Crab on the Metedeconk"


The San Diego Museum of Art  Artists Guild,  Winter Exhibition 2020     "Sunrise on the Metedeconk"


Audubon Artists 78th Annual Exhibition, 2020    "Crab on the Metedeconk"


Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Show. 2020    "18th Hole"


Allied Artists of American, 107th Associates Show, 2020    "Mardi Gras Studio"


Oil Painters of America, Salon Show, 2020    "Crab on the Metedeconk"


American Artists Professional League Favorite Things Show , 2020    "18th Hole"


Richeson75 Landscape, Seascape & Architecture, 2020     "Mission Beach" - Artistic Merit  


National Oil Painters Society, Best of America Small Works Exhibition, 2020    "Crab on the Metedeconk"


Gallery Ring Online Exhibit, Summer 2019     "Sunrise on the Metedeconk" - Crystal Award of Merit

American Artists Professional League 91st Grand National Exhibition , 2019    "Dromoland Castle"

J. Mane Gallery Annual H20 Exhibit, 2019     "Starboard" - Honorable Mention

Light Space & Time 9th Annual "SeaScapes" Art Exhibition,  2019    "Starboard" - Special Recognition

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